Our Program


This program is based around a one on one, fully personalised fortnightly online coaching call, and during this call we are going to establish what you need to do to lose weight. There are many facets to consider when trying to lose weight such as nutrition, exercise, social life, sleep, stress, energy balance, perception, mental well being to name a few, and it is my aim to leave no stone left unturned to ensure you achieve your goals. In these fortnightly coaching calls we will look at all of these stones and assess them on a scale of 1-10 to see how well you are doing in each of these areas, and from there, figure out which ones need work, and then put some tangible strategies in place. Very actionable strategies, where you can go away and know exactly what you must work on for the following fortnight to be better than you were yesterday, and to get one step closer to your goal.


Fast track your health and weight loss goals

As I teach you particular tools, strategies & techniques you will find these accelerate your progress and keep you motivated

Clarity and direction to make progress and break through plateaus

Being clear and understand your goals and objectives and what you need to do to get there throughout your weight loss journey

Holds you accountable

Let’s be honest, going after goals and objectives can be really fun, but being under pressure from work, relationships, and everyday life we can let things slip and we get comfortable not making progress. Being able to check in with your coach is like having a best friend whose sole purpose is to help you succeed and hit whatever target you have set. Sometimes it is hard to find people in our lives who can honestly hold us accountable, all while cheering us on and motivating us throughout the whole process.

Your personal expert

I will help you explore new foods, identify ways to organise exercise and meal preparation into your lifestyle, address obstacles such as sweet tooth, cravings, emotional eating etc and make sure you're feeling satisfied so you can stay on track with your weight loss goals. Having an educated weight loss coach can really make the difference between reaching your goals or not.

Unwavering faith

A coach will never give up faith that you will reach your goal, and will never give up on you. That is something worth its weight in gold alone.

Small Private Group Training

Our small private group training of up to 3 other like minded individuals, all with health & weight loss goals is next to none. The workouts go for 45 minutes and are scientifically proven to facilitate weight loss. Exercising alongside other people that are on a very similar journey to you is not only very motivating, but it also helps you see what is possible for you too. These sessions are fun, they will challenge you physically & mentally, and they will build strength and definition in your physique.


You get to work alongside people with the same goals as you

This is invaluable because having other people you can directly relate to will keep you inspired, and make you feel much more confident you’ll reach your goal

It keeps you motivated and accountable

It's inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. It doesn't get much more empowering than a small group with an encouraging coach and supportive people all working hard together and motivating each other.

It adds more energy to the session and makes exercise more fun

Training in a group adds a heap more energy to the workout, there’s a great social aspect to it and there are always laughs. Workouts can become something you look forward to instead of something you dread, which is a huge step towards achieving your weight loss goals!

Improved Adherence & Results

There’s no short of evidence that suggests when people workout in a group environment they are much more likely to stick to the program, and when you stick to the program, you are much more likely to achieve the results you are working towards.

Workout With A Friend

You get the opportunity to workout alongside a friend and tackle your weight loss goals together. This is hugely empowering for both you and your buddy and your chances of success are 10 fold.


You are unique to every other individual, and learning these differences will maximise your desired weight loss success, as well as keeping yourself there. Nutritional obstacles, limiting psychology, stress management, sleep cycles, work-life balance etc will all be different, and learning and adapting the right strategy to this is paramount to achieving your goals. I will show and teach you how you can get the best possible results so you can regain your confidence, feel awesome in your skin and live your best life.

Will carbs make me fat?
Will weights make me bulky?
Will cardio burn more fat?

We answer all these questions and give you the knowledge you need to clear the confusion within this industry that will last a lifetime.

Latest Technology

Using the latest technology, your workouts will never be easier to follow! On the day’s you aren’t training with me in the gym, I have put together workouts specific for weight loss that you will find in the application. Each exercise has a video explaining how to do the exercise, which makes it straightforward to execute. This will also help build your confidence up within a fitness facility, which is another piece to the puzzle when it comes to reaching optimal health, and keeping your excess body fat off forever.

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