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If you’re scared of the gym, and find it rather intimidating, you’re not alone, and they’re very fair feelings. These feelings can come from a wide range of reasons such as a bad experience, lack of experience or simply because you have heard or read somewhere that gyms are full of judgemental, egocentric, douchebags.

There are a heap of reasons why you might find the gym scary, and they’re all valid points. When I first started going to the gym, I had preconceived thoughts of what a typical gym goer would be like, and I really felt like I was being judged. After a while and getting to know all types of people within the gym, I found that although people have a wide range of goals, we’re all here simply trying to become fitter, healthier and happier.

I’ve met so many people in the gym that would appear quite intimidating to a new gym goer, only to find that they were just as, if not less confident and had less self esteem than that of a new gym goer.

The truth is, everyone has had a lack of experience in the gym at some point, and a lot of the people in the gym today have gone through bad experiences, bouts of fear & anxiety and a strong desire to not go to the gym and fall back into old habits. The key here is they managed to find a way to overcome those obstacles, to build and keep up a regular fitness routine in the gym. What’s also good about this is I would say most gym goers have a natural empathy towards people starting out, because they know how hard it can be to form a fitness routine.

Knowing that a lot of other gym goers have felt how you feel now, it’s up to you to try some strategies that may be your answer to get yourself in the gym. This can be things like buddying up with a friend, going to the gym outside peak hours, or signing up with a personal trainer who will create a safe space for you and who’ll have your back all the way.  In the end it’s up to you to find a way that works for you that gets you in the gym several times a week to start forging your routine. This will build your confidence, in time the fear will diminish, and before you know it, you won’t feel as anxious, and going to the gym and becoming fitter, healthier and happier will be a normal part of your life, and who you are.

Bryn Evans

Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Bryn Evans is a leading Personal Trainer & Health Coach in Fremantle and is passionate about helping people get fit from within, and believes with the right guidance everyone can achieve the level of health and wellness they desire.

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